New Year, New Custom Mattress

Many people exclaim, “New year, new me!” as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, but do they ever think about getting a new custom mattress to celebrate a new year? Probably not. 

When people make a new year’s resolution, it usually has to do with living a healthier lifestyle. Well, believe it or not, a new custom mattress can actually help you achieve your goal! 

By the end of this article, you’ll discover just how a new custom mattress can actually improve your health in 2021 and help you keep your new year’s resolution. 

You’ll Experience Higher Quality Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While you sleep, your body is still working to maintain your brain function, rejuvenate blood cells, and more. However, you can’t receive high-quality sleep on an inadequate or old mattress. 

When you find the right mattress firmness for you, you’ll instantly feel a difference in your sleep quality. Whether you need a plush or firm mattress depends on factors such as your specific sleeping position and any ailments you may have.  

The more comfortable your mattress is, the better sleep you’ll have. Comfort is more than just the firmness of a mattress, but also the size of it. Some bed frames are unique and require special measurements; only a new custom mattress can satisfy. 

Once you do find the perfect mattress, you’ll feel energized and more alert during the day after a night of quality sleep. 

Relieve Body Aches

Do you wake up feeling sore in the morning and aren’t sure why? The quality of your mattress may be the cause of it. With a new custom mattress that fits your body, you’ll experience relief in back pain, neck pain, and even joint pain. 

Once these common aches are relieved, you’ll feel like a brand new person ready to take on the new year! You’ll feel unstoppable in a healthy body with fewer aches and pains.   

Stop Snoring and Suffering from Allergies 

Did you know that a new custom mattress can actually help you breathe better? 

If you snore almost every night, you may be able to credit it to your mattress. If your mattress is not supporting your body in the correct position, it could lead you to snore throughout the night. 

A new custom mattress can also prevent you from having allergies and feeling congested in the morning. With an aging mattress come thousands and thousands of dust mites. These microscopic critters live on sheets and mattresses and can cause breathing difficulties. 

So, not only can you stop snoring with a new mattress, but you can also wake up feeling more refreshed and breathing fresh air. 

Find Your New Custom Mattress to Celebrate the New Year

If your new year’s resolution had anything to do with living a healthier lifestyle, no matter if it was to lose weight, be more active, or feel better energized, a new custom mattress could help you achieve it. 

Custom Mattress Makers works directly with you to find the perfect mattress for your lifestyle. The high-quality and durable latex material is comfortable and breathable, and our innovative individual pocket spring system offers maximum comfort.  

If you’re ready to start your new year with a new custom mattress, contact us today! 

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