Bed Buying Guide for Really Tall People

Bed Buying Guide for Really Tall People

If you are over six feet tall, it's challenging to find a mattress to fit you. Most tall people get accustomed to sleeping with their feet dangling over the end of the bed or contorting themselves to fit the frame. Thankfully, tall people have options, including custom mattresses. However, you must consider more than the length of the bed if you want a genuinely impeccable fit.

Bed Length and Height

One of the most significant concerns of any tall person is the length of a mattress. They want to ensure their feet stay within the area of the bed. Still, another measurement should be of equal importance: height. If a bed sits too low for a tall person, getting in and out of it can be a struggle. A customized mattress will allow you to pick the length and height that works for you.

Mattress Build and Individual Weight

Big and tall people must consider their weight when buying a mattress. Individual weight can help people decide between spring designs or memory foam options. In most situations, a tall or heavier individual may prefer pocket springs because they provide more support than other mattress types.

Besides the design of the mattress, you may also consider the build of the frame. Larger people should opt for heavier-duty frames.

Custom Mattresses

Working with a customization professional, you can create the right mattress custom size for you. The mattress maker can design a bed that fits your size and support needs. In many instances, you may save money by going to a customization specialist.

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Sleep Position and Cold Feet

As a tall person, you likely understand the unique twist and contortions you must make to get your body to fit a conventional, mass-produced mattress. While many positions are uncomfortable, a few techniques can help improve sleep quality on an undersized bed.

Diagonal Position

While potentially inconvenient, a tall person can make the most of an undersized mattress by sleeping diagonally. By angling your body on a twin, full, or queen mattress, you give yourself a few extra inches of length. Unfortunately, this tip is useless if your sleep with a partner because it will significantly cut into their space.

Pillowless Sleep

People may not realize, but sleeping with a pillow takes some of the length of the mattress away. To make room for a pillow, you must shift your body down. If you want to make the most of the mattress length, consider sleeping without a pillow. If you love your pillows, it may be worth investing in a custom mattress size to fit you.

Larger Blanket

If you sleep on a mattress that is too short for you, you may suffer from nightly cold feet because they hang off the edge of the bed. You can often fix this unique problem by investing in a larger duvet or quilt. For example, purchase a king-sized comforter if you have a full mattress.

Custom mattresses are likely the best solution for taller people. While you can make conventional options work, none will be perfect. Check out Custom Mattress Makers for the ideal size bed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Mattresses

1. Do tall people need a custom mattress?

No, tall people do not need a custom mattress. Most people can find ways to make conventional mattresses work. However, making beds work usually involves contorting your body in potentially uncomfortable positions. A custom mattress can help taller people get a better night's sleep and reduce aches and pains.

2. Is a full-size mattress big enough for a tall person?

A full-size mattress may be tall enough for someone six-three or shorter. The typical full-size bed is 75 inches long. Anyone over six three should consider a longer or larger mattress. In many situations, it is worthwhile to investigate custom mattress options.

3. Are custom beds expensive?

Custom beds vary in price, like most conventional beds. Depending on the size, thickness, and design, you may pay more or equal to traditional mattresses, especially when purchasing from an online retailer. Brick-and-mortar retailers are known to markup mattress prices by more than 900%. 

4. Does a tall person need a king-size mattress?

Many tall people believe a king-size bed is the only option they have, which is problematic for many average-sized bedrooms. Thankfully, you do not have to buy a king-size bed if you are tall. You can buy a custom bed, allowing you to pick the length and width measurements.

5. Can you make your own mattress or customize an existing bed?

You can make your own mattress or customize an existing bed, but DIY methods are not your best option. It is always best and more affordable to work with a custom mattress maker. Custom makers have the tools and skills necessary to make quality mattresses.

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