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Cocoa - Soft Latex Custom Mattress
Cocoa - Soft Latex Custom Mattress
Cocoa - Soft Latex Custom Mattress
Cocoa - Soft Latex Custom Mattress
Cocoa - Soft Latex Custom Mattress
Cocoa - Soft Latex Custom Mattress

Cocoa - Soft Latex Custom Mattress

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Cocoa-Soft Latex Mattress

Now with 100% Natural Latex

“A plush to super-plush mattress. Excellent support from coil system and supreme durability from 2" of 100% Natural Latex. For sleepers who are looking for a high quality, hybrid-latex mattress.”

  • Firmness level: Plush
  • Mattress thickness: 11" – 11.5”
  • Coil System: 8” Quantum Edge Elite - Bolsa. 932 coils in queen size.
  • Cover: Sculpted Circular Knit – Quilted
  • Quilting: 1.5” Gel-Infused, Plush Foam – 1.5 density
  • Upholstery: 2” 100% Natural Latex - Plush
  • Base Foam: .75” Medium-Firm Foam – 1.8 density
  • Fire Barrier: Inherent Woven Rayon (made from wood pulp), *no chemical sprays*
  • Design: Rotatable, No-Flip design
  • Warranty: 10 Year, Non-Prorated

    Approximate build-time before shipment
    • common sizes:  2-3 weeks
    • odd/custom sizes:  3 weeks


Support system

8" quantum-bolsa pocketed coils

  • 8", 'Quantum Edge Elite - Bolsa' support system
  • 15/16 gauge steel (15 in sleeping area, 16 around edge)
  • 932 coils in queen size
  • Quantum-Edge coils provides supportive edge when sitting
  • 26% more durable than foam encasement.
  • Made in USA by Leggett & Platt.

What you'll notice:
Very supportive feel with just the right amount of conforming effect. Low motion transfer, which allows partners to remain undisturbed when changing sleeping positions. Coil system is very flexible and works perfectly on adjustable beds.

Quilt & Comfort Layers

Mountain Top Latex in Cocoa-Latex mattress

Quilt Layer

  • Custom quilted w/ integrated FR properties
  • 1.5" of plush, 1.5 density gel-infused foam
    • All USA made materials

Comfort Layer

  • 2.0" of plush, 100% Natural Latex
    • All-natural, no artificial additives
    • ILD @ 25%: 11.5 - 14.5
    • Most durable foam in mattress industry
    • More breathable than memory foam
    • Made in USA by Mountain Top Foam
    • Rainforest Alliance Certified 

What you'll notice:
Latex foam hugs the body similar to memory foam. However, it is a "quick response" foam versus memory foam which is slow response. Latex also has distinct buoyancy, which yields pressure relief and support simultaneously. The comfort level of this mattress is slightly more plush than the Cocoa-Gel. 

Odd/Custom Size Mattress Variance

Due to coil barrel diameters, all custom/odd-size mattresses are subject to a 1" variance in each direction.

      • As skilled as our builders are, it is almost impossible to construct a spring mattress to exact desired dimensions. Each coil spring has a predetermined diameter, therefore we are somewhat limited when it comes to the width and length of the mattress.  Since we cannot split a coil in half, we build the mattress to within a 1" variance of requested dimensions. 
      • In most cases our mattresses are very close to perfect. However these restrictions do exist and it is completely normal to see your mattress slightly smaller or larger than ordered.

      *This mattress is available in all of the following common sizes: Twin, Twin XL, 3/4 (three quarter), Full (double), Full XL, Queen, King and California King.

      *It is also available in other less common sizes: RV Queen (short), Split Queen, Split King, Split California King, Olympic Queen, Super Single waterbed, Queen waterbed, King waterbed and many more. To view our mattress size chart, click HERE.

      *Is your mattress not a perfect rectangle? Do you have an angled corner or one side longer than the other? Do you have a round mattress with "rounded" corners? Click HERE to send us an email.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Camper mattress

      For 6 years I did not sleep well until I bought this mattress for my camper. I sleep all night now and I am so comfortable. I have recommended this to all my fellow campers if they are looking for a mattress. Yankee mattress company was so easy to work with they answered any question I had quickly. If I ever need another mattress it will be from them. Thank You Roxanne

      Great service, amazing product

      Easy to order and quick free delivery. Super comfortable bed. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good night's sleep.


      Ask a Question
      • Hi, we are looking for a mattress to replace a European size Tempur mattress of 80cmX200cm which is causing me shoulder/back aches (side sleeper). Which would be the best mattress option for a slat support system? Also, I have had some negative experiences with smelly (chemical) new mattresses. Are there any chemicals/softeners or the like used that cause effluvium or weird/non neutral smells? Thank you so much! Daniela

        Hi Daniela. My recommendation would be to look at our Cocoa Latex mattresses. These two mattress feature 2" of 100% Natural latex foam, which is supported by an individually-wrapped coil system. You get the benefit of the strong steel system supporting your weight and latex foam releasing pressure points. You have your choice of either the Cocoa Firm Latex or Cocoa Soft Latex styles. The soft version will hug and comform to your body a bit more than the firm version, which will lay the body more flat. As for added chemicals or softeners, we do not add anything to the mattress other than the raw materials. That being said, any new mattress will have a smell to it. Just like the interior of a new car or new couch. This is completely harmless and will disipate. I hope this helps! Feel free to contact us again if there's anything else we can answer for you.

      • What should I place this mattress on?

        Correct support for a mattress can be provided by any of the following:  1.) A firm, relatively new boxspring. The surface of the boxspring should be completely flat across with no "bowing" in the middle. If the boxspring is more than 8 years old, it should be replaced.  2.) A platform style bed frame with a roll-out slat system. The gap in between each slat should be no more than 3". If the gap in between each slat is wider than 3", more slats should be added or a boxspring needs to be used.  3.) A solid platform surface. The surface should be sturdy and completely flat, free from impressions. Keep in mind that the entire mattress must be supported evenly from edge to edge. 4.) An adjustable bed. All mattresses on this website are designed to work with adjustable beds.

      • How do I add the mattress to the cart?

        First, select the width and length of your mattress using the two toolbars (above the green "ADD TO CART" button). Next, click "ADD TO CART". This will take you to your Cart page, where you can select the green "CHECK OUT" button to purchase.