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Who is Custom Mattress Makers? 

  • Custom Mattress Makers is a website owned and operated by Yankee Mattress Factory. This is the only site where Yankee Mattresses can be purchased online and shipped nationwide. 

Who is Yankee Mattress Factory?

  • Yankee Mattress Factory is a small mattress manufacturer located in Agawam, Massachusetts, and has been hand-building mattresses since 1999. YMF is best known for using materials that are well above the "industry average" quality. Also, they are considered a "go to" company for custom/odd-size mattresses.

Why sell online?

  • Recently, Yankee Mattress has seen a rising number of customers request mattresses for their homes outside of the Northeast region. From 1999 to 2018, there was no efficient way to ship these products long distances. It was also a very expensive procedure, costing sometimes close to the cost of the mattress itself. In the beginning of 2018, YMF designed a special mattress lineup that could be shipped via the "roll-pack" method. After numerous tests, it proved to be a great success. This opened the door to any customer living in the lower 48 states, giving them the option to purchase and receive their mattress at little or no cost. Yankee Mattress' main goal with this new website is to provide well built mattresses to their customers that live more than 60 miles from Agawam, Massachusetts. 

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